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Golden Dorado Fishing
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About Fly Fishing Dorados

FLY FISHING DORADOS is a local (Buenos Aires, Argentina) organization created to provide our customers a unforgettable fishing experience, enjoyable, with excellent service that exceeds their expectations, and also contribute to our sustainable fishing destinations.

Golden Dorado Fishing
Golden Dorado Fishing

Fishing Locations in Argentina

Golden Dorado Fishing
Fly Fishing Experience

Golden Dorado in Argentina

Golden Dorado is one of those fishes on every angler bucket list. Its ferocity to strike flies, its jumps once hocked and its beautiful look make this predator unique.

Let’s us show you how it feels to have a Golden Dorado on the other side of your line.

Join us in Parana River delta of Entre Rios or in the subtropical environment of Corrientes for a unique experience targeting these legendary fish.

Golden Dorado Fishing
Golden Dorado in Argentina


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Golden Dorado Fishing
Fly Fishing Experience

Parana River Golden Dorado

Golden Dorado (Salminus Brasiliensis) locally known as “Tiger of the Rivers” has this nick name well deserved. It’s an extremely strong predator, armed with a unequal ferocity.

Their mouth bone complexity and their sharp teeth will put your gear and your nerves to the test. Dorado uses the river structures to wait for the bait fish, submerged trees, branches, banks, drop-offs, narrow creeks and lagoon mouths are perfect for them to hunt their prays.

Their feeding behavior doesn’t have any rule, usually they will attack any prey in its strike zone. There are times when you can find them on a feeding frenzy “hunting” in numbers and there will be other times where they won’t have any interest in any kind of food, mostly when river conditions change abruptly. Make them bite it’s a game of patience, appropriate approach and perseverance.

Once hocked, The Tiger will start jumping trying to get rid of the fly or lure, this makes fighting with them a real challenge. If you are lucky enough to land this ferocious fish you will appreciate its beauty at its best, the gold scales black dots combination is admirable.

The Dorado dwells in the waters of the Parana River preying on bait fish. It is often called the “tiger of the rivers,” the ferocity of the fish makes the nickname well deserved. They are one of the hardest fighting sport fish, pound for pound, in the world. Once hooked, the Golden Dorado normally makes big jumps that increase the excitement of the fishing and when landed, their impressive teeth make clear why they have such a reputation for ferocity.