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Our unique programs change fishing locations easily to increase your odds and opportunities to catch more Golden Dorado and other game fish species such as Pacu, Pira Pita, Chafalote and Wolfish.

About Fly Fishing Dorados Argentina

FLY FISHING DORADOS is a local (Buenos Aires, Argentina) organization created to provide our customers an unforgettable fishing experience, enjoyable, with excellent service that exceeds their expectations, and also contribute to our sustainable fishing destinations.

FLY FISHING DORADOS started with two friends’ vision, a vision of sharing with people from around the world the incredible experience of fishing a Golden Dorado steps away from Buenos Aires downtown or miles away in the heart of Parana River in Corrientes Province.

We can make your trip one of a kind.

We are a team with enormous love for fishing who does not afraid to think big. Most important, we believe that every fishing day it’s a unique experience and every fish hocked can turn your fishing day into a very special moment. We believe we can make you feel that experience.

Our unique programs change fishing location easily to increase your odds and opportunities to catch more Golden Dorado and other game fish species.

Four fishing destinations to suit your preferences and needs.

Guides with vast experience in Parana River waters

Comfortable 17 and 22 foot skiffs specifically designed to fish Parana River waters, equipped with trolling motor to approach fishing spots in stealth mode.

Catch and Release is one of our most valuable principles. We work hard to conscientize our clients that a fish killed today is a fish not fished tomorrow. We are members of several organizations dedicated to conservation of our rivers and its fish species.

Please chose your destination and start living this unique experience.

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